Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some "before" and "durings"

It's been a busy few weeks. Lots and lots of cleaning. We've been lucky that Bui has conscripted his friends to help ups clean it up and without their help we wouldn't be this far ahead. As of today, we are working on dump load number four, which we expect to complete by the weekend.

Smoke damage isn't the easiest thing to clean up. By far any "green" solutions, ie vinegar and baking soda just don't cut it. Simply putting the sooty glasses through the dishwasher at my house didn't clean the glasses. They needed a de-greaser and happily Oxyclean seems to have done the best trick. Did you also know that the smoke is quite corrosive? I really had no idea that it was actually. And sticky gooey too. Any cheap utensils that didn't have a good finish on it corroded quite quickly to the point where they were fairly un-salvageable. All the chafing dish stands and glassware cleaned up well when I was able to soak them in an Oxy solution.

We are also very thankful to our friend Ryan Langlois of Shoreside Maintenance for putting in some time to help us as well. He had some help from his four year old son and his girlfriend Kallie too.  He has a commercial de-greaser that is very eco-friendly which I'd like to get some for myself. He cleaned the windows of the wheelhouse and hung himself off the outside and pressure washed it with his diesel pressure washer. Ryan and tribe, you are all gold. Go SHORESIDE!

We pulled out the toilets and while the kids have been doing a large part of the dirty work, Greig installed one of the secondary toilets from down in the bow and replaced the old toilet that was up in the wheelhouse. He's been back tracking wires and marking them to find out what wire went where.

Still lots more mucking about to do.

Here are some before and durings. "Afters" will be a  bit.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

More boats and a "Hey Ho! Let's go!"

OK, Waterlogged has been too quite I guess and as long as the G-man and I are together there will always be boats. Plural. My vehement protests over us only having one boat lasted all of about 10 minutes when we got down to just our tug, the Saorsa, upon selling the Pacific Express this spring. Hey did ya hear? It now runs too. Yay to James and Dean and all their hard work!

The Bowie, to which this sorry blog pays it's original homage to, has now sunk over at Mitchell Island and it appears that it won't be righted. Rhianna broke the news to us a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog here. It was sad to see and certainly the kids were pretty busted up over it but it was really bound to happen. Glad it didn't happen to us.

Rest in peace old boy. Too bad the bastards let you down, once again. 

So where does our inventory lie these days? We still have the Saorsa and Greig is trying help broker the sale of the MV Island Jewel for our friend Maureen. Who wants a liquor license on a boat? They don't hand these out like candy doncha know? C'mon....special deal for YOU! You just gotta get the engines back on line and go through the CSI. Happy go-go!

At any rate, he'd been moping about the house, frustrated, on the "EI sailing team" and with too much time on his hands and a head full of Drudge Report and Infowars. So much time actually that he started blogging too. I expect my editing duties shall subside for the time being. ;)

A few weeks ago he came across a couple of ads on craigslist for Hobie Cats. So he borrowed some money from a friend and he bought two: a 16' and an 18'. Now, I admit to not actually having *too* much issue with this. Admittedly, however our lifestyle in the summer is so darn busy that we'd hardly have enough time for one Hobie let alone two, but the rationale he countered to me was, "I got two so we can RACE!" The "we," being the kids, their friends and us and Greig is currently the only one who really knows how to sail. (And Bui is now at that age (18 this month!) where this boating stuff his dad's been on about might actually get him to score some cool points with the chicks.) Dean on the PE knows how to sail too and said he'd help teach us sorry lot. I am sure I'll be able to drag him out to tutor some of us one of these days as he was pretty excited that we got them.

Here is Greig and James of the Pacific Express on the 16'.  Honest, they are there!

I actually think a Hobie cat is a fantastic idea as I would like to improve upon my own meager sailing experience once I have a decent sunny day and a good wet suit. The best thing about these is you can just hop on these and go, providing there is wind. This saves me from packing up food for the army that would invariably accompany us on a larger vessel, 'cos sure as God made little fishes, they won't even think of it. Plus the Hobies don't require renovating. Major points here people!

Of course this is all prefacing up to Greig's newest acquisition, the MV Malacite. We've spoken of the Malacite before and it was featured in select scenes on the tv pilot we did several years ago too. It's own recent drama was an electrical fire occurred down in the bow at Sather. The New Westminster Fire department got on it quick thanks to Byron, who purchased the Partnership, aka, the floatie. By in large it all could have turned out much, much worse, thanks to alert eyes and the quick action of contentious neighbours who heard the fire alarms going of inside.

The Malacite is an old Canadian Navy PT boat. The story goes that back in WW2, it and two other sister vessels were coming around UBC/Point Grey and the noise from the engines alerted those in the bunkers on the beach, sending the whole city into blackout for fear of it being an attack by the Japanese. For many years it was the private yacht of the Commodore for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and a trip up to the Wigwam Inn up in Deep Cove, will find many photos of it on the walls therein.

MV Malacite, June 2011, post fire. 

It's hull was completely rebuilt about two years ago when it suffered damage in a storm. That was a pretty major insurance job then and so this time around, these same underwriters decided to write it off, pay out the owner and offered it to Greig. He countered their offer with a more affordable one and they readily agreed. During the last repair of the hull they replaced one of the engines and both engines and genset are fine. So with that in mind and all it's recent repairs, it was really a no brainer. The wheel house is aluminum though the main deck is wood.

The bulk of the damage occurred down in the bow betwixt the heads and the galley. We've some major work to do in this area structurally but it really is quite confined. There is lots of smoke damage too but we'll rip out the major stuff and sand the rest.

Already in the last few days with the help of Greig's son Bui and big clan of friends whom he conscripted, and it is looking remarkably better. As well, our friend Ryan at Shoreside Maintenance surprised us and cleaned the wheelhouse for us. Hanging off  huge downtown high rises is no big deal for him and so hanging from wheel house wasn't either. It so happens he uses very environmentally friendly degreaser that cuts through the creosote, whiz-bang without the scrubbing of commercial household products. I have to get me some of that!

Here are some pics!

All the forward windows from the bar need replacing.

 In the rear salon looking forward toward the bar.
The two curved windows opposite each other survived. YAY!

 Even in the back salon there were some windows that cracked from the heat. 

 Care for a glass of wine?

 Top part is the shore power and the bottom is the 12-volt panel. 

 Greig in the forward salon. 

 Forward salon, the busted up front windshield and all the broken windows up forward. 

 Down into the depths of where the fire started. 

YAY to steel steps!

 Point of ignition is here on the port side in what was the buffet room. 

 Closer shot of the damage. 

 Starboard side with the buffet counter. 

The galley with apparently brand new appliances. I hope if we build a new galley it will be on the upper deck 'cos whether it is a yacht or a house, the galley is still where the most time is spent doing stuff." I don't want to be stuck down there where  I could be creating delicious meals and enjoying the view. 

OK, who needs to use the head?
Yes, they still work!