Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some "before" and "durings"

It's been a busy few weeks. Lots and lots of cleaning. We've been lucky that Bui has conscripted his friends to help ups clean it up and without their help we wouldn't be this far ahead. As of today, we are working on dump load number four, which we expect to complete by the weekend.

Smoke damage isn't the easiest thing to clean up. By far any "green" solutions, ie vinegar and baking soda just don't cut it. Simply putting the sooty glasses through the dishwasher at my house didn't clean the glasses. They needed a de-greaser and happily Oxyclean seems to have done the best trick. Did you also know that the smoke is quite corrosive? I really had no idea that it was actually. And sticky gooey too. Any cheap utensils that didn't have a good finish on it corroded quite quickly to the point where they were fairly un-salvageable. All the chafing dish stands and glassware cleaned up well when I was able to soak them in an Oxy solution.

We are also very thankful to our friend Ryan Langlois of Shoreside Maintenance for putting in some time to help us as well. He had some help from his four year old son and his girlfriend Kallie too.  He has a commercial de-greaser that is very eco-friendly which I'd like to get some for myself. He cleaned the windows of the wheelhouse and hung himself off the outside and pressure washed it with his diesel pressure washer. Ryan and tribe, you are all gold. Go SHORESIDE!

We pulled out the toilets and while the kids have been doing a large part of the dirty work, Greig installed one of the secondary toilets from down in the bow and replaced the old toilet that was up in the wheelhouse. He's been back tracking wires and marking them to find out what wire went where.

Still lots more mucking about to do.

Here are some before and durings. "Afters" will be a  bit.



Fran said...

Wow, what a difference, it looks amazing. Keep up the good work! We use truck wash for deep cleaning everything from the decks of the boat to the tiles in the bathroom (and it is relatively cheap to buy here) Have a good weekend cleaning. Fran x

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know this boat, an old CanadianAirforce rescue boat. Built in Montreal by Canadian powerboat company in 1941. My dad owned a sister ship to her in the 60's. Montagnais, good solid boats...

bowiechick said...

Yes, it was very much a sister to the Montagnais. Word was that there were three that rounded UBC back during the war and the noise from the three engines sent the city into blackout. Thanks for your comment!