Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New neighbour at Granville Island

Last Sunday evening we had guest in from out of town and we took them on a dinner cruise. After, we did a quick tour of the docks and I mentioned that the SS Master was on Granville Island and wouldn't it be neat to go have a look at it. It was late and I certainly didn't expect to see anyone about but Chris Croner, President of the SS Master society was there closing down the vessel for the evening. Take a look at this video from the CBC news from a year or so ago, and you'll see Chris here speaking.

It is with great excitement that finally after five years of their negotiating with the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), who own and operate Granville Island, that the SS Master Society has permanent summer moorage, on popular Granville Island where it will be seen! There is so much foot traffic on Granville Island that it is a brilliant addition to the colour and interesting things to see there.

The SS Master is the last surviving triple expansion wood-hulled tug in North America. It's the west coast's Bluenose, only it isn't a replica vessel, and is all ORIGINAL. And unlike the Bluenose, which receives millions dollars in funding for it's existence,  the Master is funded by donations and volunteers.

Lucky for us Chris was there and kindly let us come aboard for one last evening look at it's engine room.

He lamented that it had taken years of negotiating with the CMHC to get the Master there. I said, "Well, I am not surprised since this town is so unfriendly to anything that floats, let alone of major historical importance." He said, "Oh yes! Isn't that the truth. For a major port city it is ridiculous."

Check out the SS Master here. Chris told us clicking on their videos and specifically the one entitled Engine Room Tour, generates money for the society. It's a little loud but they've also got other SS Master videos on their YouTube page too.

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